Week of March 14, 2016

1. Financial Diaries:  Similar to the findings of the US Financial Diaries, the newly released results from the Mexican Financial Diaries report many families struggling with income volatility, even with employment opportunities. Households struggled to match income and expenses despite working an average of 7.3 different jobs per family. CFI

2. Savings: "The intriguing finding remains. Perhaps savings accounts don’t enable people to earn more, they inspire them to earn more." NextBillion

3. Digital Currency: Korea and Sweden may be planning to go cashless...

4. ...but eliminating cash could have unintended consequences in terms of government oversight and control of payment systems. Bloomberg

5. Prepaid Cards: A new report analyzes 22 of the most popular prepaid cards to assess their quality and the industry's progress in creating products that meet customers' needs. CFSI

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