Week of March 7, 2016

1. Research Methodology: Jeffrey Mosenkis published a handy guide to debunking debunking news stories in light of Repligate, the 2016 version of Worm Wars.  IPA

2. Mobile Money: In the days leading up to the recent presidential election, the Ugandan government imposed a shutdown of mobile money platforms in the country. While there was significant disruption and loss of revenue in the short-term, the long-term negative impact on trust in the system may be the true cause of worry. CGAP

3. Education and Poverty: A new study reports students with a college degree from poor families earn less over their lifetime than their wealthier peers and "their proportional salary increase compared to those from a similar background with no college degree is also far less." Quartz

4. Savings Groups: An assessment of Bangladesh's savings group market finds potential for customized digital products that replicate lock boxes and bankers. However, the findings note that while mobile products can increase group efficiencies, they may not necessarily promote financial inclusion if members are unable to demonstrate their individual financial behavior to formal institutions. Microlinks

5. Foreign Aid: In this video, a former Peace Corps volunteer explains his efforts tocatalog failed aid projects throughout Sub-Saharan Africa and establish systems that allow local recipients toprovide feedback on what went wrong in their own words. The What Went Wrong? Foundation

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