Week of November 3, 2014

1. Business Training:  Previous evaluations show the effectiveness of business training programs is mixed at best.  But a new paper finds (as with most things in life) it helps to have a friend.  The World Bank - Development Impact 

2. MFIs:  Can financial service providers address domestic violence among microfinance clients?  CFI

3. Savings:  In India, MFIs that offer savings products have a chicken and egg problem – they struggle to attract savings because their clients don't perceive them as a savings provider.  MicroSave

4. Remittances: New tools could help turn short-term remittance flows into long-term investments and allow remitters to have more control over how their funds are spent back home.  NextBillion

5. Agricultural Finance:  Many insurance programs for small farmers have not expanded beyond pilot testing. The challenge today is bring them to scale and make them sustainable.   The Guardian

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