Week of November 10, 2014

1. Mobile Money: Ignacio Mas thinks allowing independent cash in/cash out agents would be a huge boost to mobile money. Would loosening regulations spur mobile money take-up and innovation?  NextBillion

2. SDGs:  Is full financial inclusion a means or an end? The Guardian

3. Financial Inclusion:  Peru, Colombia, and the Philippines top The Global Microscope 2014's list of the most conducive environments for financial inclusion.  The Economist Intelligence Unit

4. Prepaid Cards: The U.S.' CFPB issued sweeping reforms to prepaid card regulation, placing restrictions on fees and ancillary credit products.  American Banker

5. Credit:  New investigations reveal major banks in the U.S. are ignorning bankrupcy court discharge orders, keeping debt alive and damaging credit reports of tens of thousands of Americans.  The New York Times

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