Week of August 4, 2014

1. Retail Banking: Banks may continue to go digital but this doesn’t mean the brick and mortar branch is disappearing.  Customers who use mobile and online banking more than once a week are over 60% more likely to be active retail-branch users than those who do not. McKinsey&Company 

2. Labor Trends: The increasingly common practice of scheduling workers' shifts just before they begin can wreak havoc on the financial and personal lives of many low-wage workers, leading to income volatility and difficulty in arranging childcare.  Al Jazeera America

3. Banking Transparency:  "Low-income consumers want to know not just what the prices are, but in some ways, how banks’ decisions are made. Banks’ failure to communicate a rationale makes clients feel cheated...Clients who feel cheated, often feel justified in 'cheating back.'" Center for Financial Inclusion

4. Poverty in the US: After following 800 children in Baltimore from first grade to their late 20's, researchers found the two factors most correlated with individual success and wealth are family strength and parents' financial status. NPR

5. Remittances:  New research highlights the relationship between remittances and financial inclusion in sub-Saharan Africa. The World Bank - All About Finance

Source:  http://katedimobiletech.com/

Source:  http://katedimobiletech.com/

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