Week of August 11, 2014

1. Cash Transfers: Conditional cash transfers in the US encounter ridicule and skepticism, but this "foreign import" for the war on poverty has promise. Politico

2. Payday Lending:  A new app allows hourly workers to immediately access wages they’ve already earned, without having to wait for their employer’s standard pay cycle or relying on payday lenders for quick cash. Wired

3. Mobile Banking: How can regulatory “best practices” in digital financial services move away from focusing on enabling participation in the market to fostering competition?  Ignacio Mas outlines a few strategies. The World Bank - All About Finance

4. Credit: Wealthy man lectures poor people about the evils of consumption. Financial Mail 

5. Microfinance: Janalakshmi, an MFI headquartered in Bangalore, successfully completed the largest in Indian microfinance since the 2010 Andhra Pradesh crisis.  Microfinance Focus

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

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