Week of January 31, 2010

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2/4: FAI research from "Half the World is Unbanked" cited in Susy Cheston's Congressional testimony on #microfinancehttp://bit.ly/di2KfN

2/3: New version of the FAI paper "Microfinance Games" available at http://bit.ly/9cH7I4#microfinance

2/3: New version of the FAI paper "Behavioral Foundations of Microcredit" released at http://bit.ly/bOSd15#microfinance

2/2: Microfinance requires no donor money, says MicroRate's Stauffenberg http://bit.ly/cun4Ej What about "Smart Subsidies"? http://bit.ly/9TmsrC

2/1: RT @poverty_action An "anti-nudge" on the way to Mexico...http://poverty-action.org/node/2570

2/1: Great video of Sendhil Mullainathan alking at TEDIndia: "Solving social problems with a nudge". http://bit.ly/cplO1A

2/1: New microinsurance journal launched at http://micro-risk.com/#microfinance

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