Week of January 24, 2010

1/28: Reading @IFMRTrust's response (http://bit.ly/d8eEgB) to our post (http://bit.ly/80FNV2) on their first multi-originator securitization.

1/27: "The Economics of #Microfinance" is on Stuart Rutherford's Top 5 list of books on the poor and their money. http://bit.ly/cZNOoP

1/27: From Princess Maxima: Microfinance needs to come as part of a rounded policy aimed at fighting poverty effectively. http://bit.ly/8uXp1g

1/25: Jonathan Morduch tells stories from the financial diaries on CBC: http://bit.ly/I8qo(use CTRL+F to search for Morduch) #microfinance

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