Week of November 16, 2015

1. Financial Inclusion: "In the midst of the accelerating growth in complexity and scale of payment sectors worldwide, we find that the biggest constraint today is not shortage of funding...the biggest global constraint is human: a shortage of the capabilities and competences which undergird capacity within organizations new and old, public and private." CFI

2. Credit: A review of consumer credit data from more than 5 million customers over a five year period offers some surprising findings - auto debt in combination with any other debt generally indicated a lower credit score and younger borrowers with a mortgage and student loans have higher scores than their older counterparts with the same debt combination. Urban Institute

3. Microinsurance: A preliminary review of the microinsurance landscape in sub-Saharan Africa indicates growth in both number of policies and products, with the largest growth in health and agricultural coverage. Microinsurance Network & Munich Re Foundation

4. Retirement Savings: Despite efforts from the government to increase retirement funds, only .3% of eligible Mexicans make regular contributions, contributing to high poverty rates among the elderly.
A new report "provides high-level behavioral design recommendations for policymakers and practitioners in the Mexican retirement savings industry" to increase savings. ideas42

5. Fintech and Savings: Several new apps (targeted at millennials) incorporate mental accounting and commitment devices to increase savings and curb "hapless" spending.  Quartz

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