Week of November 9, 2015

1. Financial Inclusion: A new report explores the "economic factors driving financial products and why the status quo fails to meet the financial needs of lower-income consumers." ideas42 and Oliver Wyman

2. Development Research: David Evans puts us to shame by providing summaries of over 150 papers from the 2015 NEUDC, all in handy tweetable formats. Development Impact Blog
3. Student Debt: Are private investors the answer to rising student debt or just an oversimplified "solution" to a very complex problem? Urban Institute

4. Mobile Money: Although Latin Americans represent a small portion of worldwide mobile money users, they are some of the most active. Currently, 37 mobile money servicesare operational in 19 countries in the region. Financial Times (paywall)

5. Assets and Savings: A new coalition of labor advocates, tech start-ups, and venture capitalists are calling for better ways for freelance workers to access benefits that typically have been provided through employers (such as health care and unemployment insurance). The New York Times

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