Stuart Rutherford on Portfolios of the Poor Part 3

Stuart Rutherford outlines the three major challenges Portfolios of the Poor authors continually observed among diarists: 1) extreme poverty is not only about being very poor, but about managing daily expenses with unpredictable earnings and unreliable jobs: 2) the hardships of limited earnings are compounded by emergencies to which the poor are so vulnerable, forcing already-poor households to patch together an adequate level of cash; and 3) low wages and frequent emergencies prevent households from assembling usefully large sums for bigger expenses, such as housing, marriages, and education, etc. Rutherford then delves into the types of products poor households need to accommodate their financial position and maximize their resources. In the Part 4 of the video series, MFIs that Offer Financial Products Better-Suited for Poor Households, Rutherford talks about three MFIs that currently offer such products.