Week of May 5, 2014

1. Mobile Money:  New data show the potential of Bitcoin and mobile money for disruption in payments and transfers systems in the developing world (particularly sub-Saharan Africa) has a long way to go before becoming a reality. Business Insider

2. Payments: Despite the rise of electronic payment methods, cash is still king in the US.  According to the Federal Reserve, cash is the most popular consumer payment instrument, particularly for small-value transactions.  Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco

3. Financial Inclusion: Financial Inclusion Insights (FII) announced the launch of its 2014 Open Data Challenge. Participants can win up to $5000 and a chance to present their innovative analysis of financial inclusion indicators through FII's conferences and network.  Financial Inclusion Insights  

4. Bitcoin: "You can dismiss bitcoin as a doomed monetary experiment, but you must not pass over the opportunity to let your imagination run with it as it can shake some basic assumptions you have on how financial systems must work." - Ignacio Mas The World Bank:  All About Finance Blog

5. Cash and Crime:  Crime and cash go hand in hand, and a decline in the prevalence of paper currency could lead to a reduction in crime rates. But what does the future of digital currency mean for the future of crime? Priceonomics

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