Week of May 25, 2015

1. Mobile Money: Will a handful of high-profile fraud cases damage mobile money?  It depends on how fast operators can adapt 21st century security and authentication systems to protect customers and retain their trust. NextBillion   

2. Retirement Savings: For the 53 million public pension participants in Mexico, making a contribution to a retirement account is now as easy as buying a pack of gum or a lottery ticket (well, except for the delayed gratification). CFI

3. Microcredit: Is there a tradeoff in using digital products to serve microcredit clients and maintaining a strong client relationship built on trust or is it possible to have it all? SEEP Network

4. Big Data: The Big Data revolution might be driving many new technological innovations, but "small data" (qualitative, contextual information) may actually help us be more effective at making big decisions. The New York Times

5. Financial Inclusion: The US can learn and apply many of the lessons from around the world to decrease its unbanked population. TechCrunch

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