Week of May 19, 2014

1. Remittances:  Why have such rapid increases in remittances not resulted in noticeable improvements in economic growth in the recipient countries?  Michael Clemens and David McKenzie investigate possible answers in a new working paper. The World Bank - Development Impact Blog 

2. Poverty in the US: Over the past 30 years, government spending on the poorest Americans dwindled - those living far below the poverty line now receive less government assistance than they did in 1983 and spending has shifted to the relatively more well-off. Slate

3. Cash Transfers:  After receiving $150, five days of training, and intensive supervision, ultra-poor women in Uganda doubled their business ownership and their incomes, according to a newly published study. Chrisblattman.com

4. Financial Services: "India Post, the world’s largest postal network, may become India’s first 'payment bank,' a new classification of bank which will offer payment, savings and remittance services to customers but not loans." The Wall Street Journal

5. Microfinance Regulation:  The history of regulation and deregulation of the US financial sector could provide useful insights for microfinance in promoting a balance between financial inclusion and stability. European Microfinance Platform

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