Week of June 23, 2014

1. Microfinance: FAI affiliate Daniel Rozas takes a in-depth look at multiple borrowing and overindebtedness and warns of an potential credit crisis in Mexico.  European Microfinance Platform

2. Credit:  As it turns out, the most honest borrowers are not necessarily the best borrowers. Quartz

3. Transfers:  Segovia, a spin-off of GiveDirectly, has plans to build a platform for goverments and other institutions to distribute cash transfers efficiently and on a large scale. Council On Foreign Relations 

4. Mobile Money:  "On paper, digital financial services can sound like a silver bullet to reach millions of rural, underserved smallholder farmers. In reality, the challenges can be greater than the deployment of a low-tech solution." CGAP 

5. The World Cup:  Root for the soccer outcome that will produce the largest aggregate increase in happiness. The New York Times

Source: The Wall Street Journal

Source: The Wall Street Journal

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