Week of June 2, 2014

1. Financial Inclusion:  As part EMERGE: The Forum on Consumer Financial Service Innovation, attendees got a taste of what it is like (including how expensive it is) to be unbanked. American Banker

2. Student Debt:  Despite the fact that student debt in the US passed the $1 trillion mark, new research from the NY Fed shows many borrowers are not aware of what happens if they default. Liberty Street Economics

3. Financial Services: Google created a new service that searches Gmail accounts for correspondence from creditors then sends a reminder when a bill is due with the amount owed. PYMNTS.com

4. Microinsurance:  "How Mobile Phone Carriers Are Helping Insure The 4 Billion People Who Live Without A Safety Net" Fast Company

5. Mobile Money: The winning entries in BRAC's innovation fund for mobile money challenge include new approaches to promoting adolescent savings, microinsurance, and distributing disaster relief. BRAC Blog

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