Week of January 26, 2015

1. Savings Groups:  Forty-two percent of the 500 savings groups surveyed across five countries report linkages to a formal financial institution and the remaining 58 percent indicated "a strong interest" in linking to a bank account. The MasterCard Foundation

2.  US Household Finance:  New research shows 55 percent of American households have less than one month of income in savings, just under half spend more than they make, and 8 percent have debt payments equal to 41 percent or more of their gross monthly income.  Pew Charitable Trusts

3. Poverty:  How NYC transit cards are like paper towels - and what that means for the economics of being poor.  WNYC

4. Behavioral Sciences:  "It can be harder than it seems to separate psychological science from psychological 'science.'" So should organizations hire Chief Behavioral Officers or just make everyone read Thinking Fast and Slow and Scarcity?  NY Magazine - Science of US

5. Mobile Money:  Of the 89 markets where mobile money is live, only 47 have regulatory approaches that foster innovation and partnerships.  In several markets, a lack of "enabling regulation" is slowing down the launch of new products and services.  GSMA

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