Week of August 25, 2014

1. Digital Payments: "Digitizing government payments can serve as a catalyst, spurring further innovation in this space and paving the way for more involvement by private sector actors and the international community." The World Bank - Let's Talk Development

2. Postal Banking:  While the US continues to debate the impact of postal banking, a new paper reviews how these services evolved in the developing world. University of Freiburg

3. Savings: Airtel Uganda, in conjunction with Grameen Foundation, has developed a service that will allow savings groups to store their group’s cash as mobile money. Grameen Foundation

4. Poverty in the US There are either 12 million or 0 people in the United States living under $2 a day. But no one really knows which. Brookings 

5. Economics:  The top funniest 11 papers in the history of Economics. 250 Words

Source: The World Bank / Global Findex project

Source: The World Bank / Global Findex project

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