Week of April 20, 2015

1. Digital Consumer Protection:  Last week we learned about the drivers of demand for  M-Shwari. This week, a follow-up post takes a deep dive into customer's understanding of the service, including risk, privacy, security, and terms of use. CGAP

2. Business Training:  Research on business training rarely picks up significant effects. A team of business school researchers look at what happens if a training program is more targeted both in participant selection and in curriculum. International Growth Centre

3. Labor Markets:  Issues of asymmetric information and the prevalence of gender-based violence in some areas may be contributing to why women are "missing" from rural labor markets. Microlinks

4. Research and Practice: At FAI, we often think about the best way to bridge the gap between academics and practitioners. These ten tips for presenting to different audiences are a great place to start. The World Bank - Development Impact

5. Borrowing/Saving: Seventeen percent of US Millennials have borrowed against their retirement account, and 40 percent of those who do go on to cut back their contributions. The Atlantic

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