Week of April 14, 2014

1. Digital Payments: Facebook is finalizing preparations to begin offering financial services to its users, allowing them to store and exchange money. CNBC

2. Remittances: A new report on the impact of remittance fees on Africa's development investment claims that reducing charges to 5% would increase transfers to the continent by $1.8 billion annually. Overseas Development Institute

3. Financial Inclusion: The next generation of ATM innovations (sending money to someone, paying bills, and loading a portion of a check) may not require a bank account and could potentially provide alternative financial services to the unbanked. American Banker

4. Behavioral Economics: What's next as behavioral economics matures? Is it a unique field that can inspire innovative policies or just "economics plus common sense"? TimHarford.com

5. Credit:  David Roodman reviews The Economist's recent coverage of a new World Bank working paper by Shahidur R. Khandker and Hussain A. Samad on the dynamics of microcredit in Bangladesh. David Roodman.com

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