Week of November 29, 2009

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11/30: An ongoing FAI impact study with Compartamos makes the news in Mexico: http://bit.ly/6NMZkQ #microfinance

12/2: Jonathan Morduch takes stock of microfinance: http://bit.ly/5yXpia#microfinance

12/2: Just met with the Presidential Committee for the 2010 G-20 Summit in Korea--they want to put financial inclusion on the agenda.#microfinance

12/2: @RachelStrohm Thanks for your post on Banks and Microbanks. Glad it piqued your interest. http://bit.ly/5F3JlP #microfinance

12/3: At the US Treasury today speaking at the first meeting of the G-20 Financial Inclusion Experts Group.

12/4: Stuart Rutherford on BBC: Pioneering money management in Bangladesh's slums. http://bit.ly/6KYOoL #microfinance

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