Week of March 14, 2010

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3/19: Financial architect finds out how the poor live on $2 a day http://bit.ly/a7bUfq#microfinance

3/19: FAI report "Half the World is Unbanked" published in the McKinsey Quarterly: http://bit.ly/avouNe #microfinance

3/18: "Microfinance: Dream vs.reality" http://bit.ly/b9FwHO #microfinance

3/18: Stuart Rutherford: "Poor households in the financial diaries used 9-10 different financial tools to manage their money" http://bit.ly/99GsNE

3/16: Interview with Stuart Rutherford:"Micro-finance guru unveils new vision for poor" http://bit.ly/cDo346 #microfinance

3/16: Idea of the day: "coping diaries" (like financial diaries) examining how people cope in both normal and crisis periods. http://bit.ly/c0Mw8B

3/16: New book explores the SHG movement in India: "#Microfinance Self-Help Groups in India: living up to their promise?" http://bit.ly/aeqZ4J

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