Week of August 24, 2015

1. Digital Financial Inclusion: The 2015 Financial and Digital Inclusion Project (FDIP) evaluates 21 countries on various dimensions of financial inclusion. Four out of the top five of the top scorers are in sub-Saharan Africa and Kenya ranked number one. Brookings

2. Mobile Money: Speaking of Kenya, Uber began accepting cash in Nairobi and its fleet of 30 registered vehicles tripled since the policy change in January. Is cash still king in the country known for unprecedented mobile money success? Daily Nation

3. Product Design: Evelyn Stark brings us Part 2 of her examination of customer-centric product development, focusing on organizational strategy and demand-side factors of improving take up. CFI

4. Labor Policy: The Obama administration proposed new rules to overtime pay that could potentially increase incomes for more than 5 million workers. Pew Research

5. Payments: India's move to approve payment banks garnered a lot of media attention, but the central bank has a long list of "to do's" before it can make an impact for the poor and unbanked. NextBillion

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