Week of August 3, 2015

1. Financial Management: Communities in which social contracts are strong commonly use "social money" (non-cash modes of saving, storing, and transferring wealth) in daily transactions instead of cash. IMTFI

2. Consumer Protection: Isabelle Barrès, Director of the Smart Campaign, discusses the progress in developing and implementing consumer protection policies globally. NextBillion
3. Business Development: The world's most popular attempt at policy ranking might not actually tell us much about the reality. The Wall Street Journal

4. Mobile Money: One Colombian town's (rocky) attempt to go cashless is in some ways a metaphor for the slow growth of mobile money in many parts of the world. Fusion

5. Evidence-based Policy: If preregistration has an impact on medical research, what effect would it have on economic research? The Chronicle of Higher Education

In this animated video, CGAP explores 4 rules of thumb poor people use to manage their money.

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