Week of March 9, 2015

1.  Peer Lending: A new study reports lenders in online peer-to-peer lending models were able to predict a borrower's credit worthiness with 45% more accuracy than traditional credit scoring. NextBillion

2. Microcredit:  Growing incidences of over-indebtedness in Cambodia are causing some to worry the country may face the next microfinance crisis.  Is Cambodia the new Chiapas or can regulation cool down the market?  The Guardian 

3. Financing for Entrepreneurs:  If you've ever traveled to major cities in East Africa, you may have dealt with the economics of the boda-boda while bargaining for a good fare rate.  But drivers who rent their bikes pass on almost all profits to a "bike lord."  A new business model offers drivers lease-to-own financing combined with elements of group lending.  How We Made It In Africa

4. Tax Refund:  While many Americans report on surveys they will use their expected tax refund to save or pay down debt, there is some evidence these responses are more aspirational than reflective of actual behavior.  (Learn more about what US Financial Diaries researchers learned about tax refunds and financial behavior here.)  Marketplace

5. Mobile Money:  A recent collusion scandal in Uganda illustrates that internal fraud is a much more serious risk that individual end user fraud in mobile money systems.   CGAP

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