Week of March 23, 2015

1. Ultra-Poor Programs: A newly published paper from Jonathan Bauchet, Shamika Ravi, and FAI's Jonathan Morduch looks at "ultra-poor" programs and how labor markets affect outcomes.  Journal of Development Economics (paywall)

2. Development Research:  Couldn't make it to Oxford's 2015 CSAE conference? No worries, David Evans provides a round up of the sessions, neatly summarizing and categorizing papers in two (or fewer) sentences.  The World Bank: Development Impact 

3. Mobile Money:  Will agents become a permanent part of mobile money or are they the equivalent of training wheels?  GSMA

4. Product Innovation:  In crowd-sourced innovation news, the 2015 Innovation Fund for Mobile Money Challenge is officially open and OpenIdeo has a current challenge focused on financial empowerment and inclusion.  NextBillion and Ideo

5. Savings:  Why do 75% of Kenya's PostBank youth savings accounts remain dormant?  The answer may lie with how involved young people are (or are not) in intra-household financial management.   World Savings Bank Institute

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