Week of October 12, 2015

1. Field Experiments: In honor of Angus Deaton's Nobel prize win, FAI Managing Director Timothy Ogden released a chapter from his forthcoming book, Experimental Conversations, that includes an interview with Deaton discussing his thoughts on evidence and how we learn in economics. Medium

2. Financial Inclusion: An in-depth discussion with Mani Nandhi, who is studying the complex financial lives and decisions of rickshaw pullers in New Delhi, reveals insights that could inform the development of innovative financial products for India's poor. IMTFI

3. Urban Economic Development: According to a new report, young people ages 15-24 will make up 60% of urban residents by the year 2030.  As cities struggle with absorbingpopulation growth, how can programs help to promote youth economic empowerment and employment? Making Cents International

4. Regional Remittances:  MTN announced its customers in Rwanda can now transfer money directly to mobile users in Uganda and MPESA account holders in Kenya. Are South-South remittances the next emerging mobile money market? Biz Tech Africa

5. Credit Scores: "Credit reports and scores are not race neutral. Rather, they embed existing racial inequities in our credit system and economy – to the point that a person’s credit information serves as a proxy for race." The Guardian

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