Cash Transfers: The Conversation Continues

Last night FAI had the pleasure of co-hosting a lively and informative panel discussion on the impact of cash transfers in international development with the Microfinance Club of New York.  The panel (moderated by FAI's Timothy Ogden) included Paul Niehaus and Jeremy Schapiro, co-founders of GiveDirectly, Jenny Aker, Assistant Professor of Development Economics at The Fletcher School, and Johannes Haushofer, Assistant Professor of Psychology and Public Affairs at Princeton University. 

As is to be expected when you mix practitioners and academics, the evening's conversations had a good mix of thoughtful insights, debates, and allusions to other bodies of work for futher research.  Below is a list of what was mentioned as well as some additional items we feel are a nice complement for the issues raised by the panelists, including a new FAI infographic showing what we know so far about microcredit.  For those of you who could not be there in person, don't worry - we taped the event and will provide the link to the video soon!   (Although you missed highlights like Paul Niehaus responding to a question on donations for open borders by asking - "how do you donate to open borders? Just give money to Michael Clemens and see what happens?") 

Thanks again to all who attended and participated!  Please keep the discussion going in the comments section or add resources we may have overlooked.

Research and Publications by Panelists

Cash Transfers Programs in the U.S.

Cash Transfers - Reports and Media Coverage


Remittances and Development

Remittances and Consumption Spending

Ultra-Poor Graduation Programs

Poverty and Psychology