U.S. Financial Diaries: Webinar with Leading Experts

The U.S. Financial Diaries is a research project tracking more than 200 low- and moderate-income households over the course of a year, collecting highly detailed data on household financial activity. New York University’s Financial Access Initiative(FAI), CFSI, and Bankable Frontier Associates (BFA) recently released the Household Profiles. This series provides an intimate look into the financial lives of six households, exploring the ways these families are making ends meet.


Webinar- A Deep Dive into the Complex Financial Lives of American Families 10-23-13 2.05 PM from Center for Financial Services In on Vimeo.

The webinar took place on October 23, 2013 and featured Financial Diaries Principle Investigators Rachel Schneider, Senior Vice President, Insights & Analytics, CFSI, and Jonathan Morduch, Executive Director of the Financial Access Initiative. The webinarincluded J. Michael Collins, Faculty Director, Center for Financial Security, University of Wisconsin-Madison, and Cathie Mahon, President and CEO, National Federation of Community Development Credit Unions, who offered insights into the impact this kind of consumer research can have on the financial services industry and households across the country.