FAI's Jonathan Morduch Delivers "WAGTalk" on US Financial Diaries

More than 200 alumni, students, faculty, staff, donors, and friends of NYU Wagner celebrated the school's 75th anniversary on Thursday, June 12. The celebration began with faculty presenting their research highlights, or "WAGTalks."  FAI's Jonathan Morduch kicked off the series with an overview of the US Financial Diaries (USFD) project and its relevance in today's current economic debates.  Jonathan emphasized that USFD provides a highly detailed, month-to-month picture of the financial lives of low-income Americans, which brings to light issues like income volatility that studies using annual income data are unable to catch.  See below to view Jonathan's full presentation and click here to watch the other WAGTalks in the series.

For more on USFD, including research briefs and household profiles, click here

In these short talks, NYU Wagner faculty scholars present on topics about which they are especially passionate.