FAI Affiliate Michael Clemens Weighs in on Migration Policy Debate

Michael Clemens, FAI-NYU Visiting Scholar and Senior Fellow at the Center for Global Development (CGD), recently co-authored a review with Justin Sandefur for Foreign Policy of Exodus:  How Migration is Changing the World, Paul Collier’s new book arguing for tighter restrictions on global migration. The review is an interesting read that challenges Collier’s policy proposals, which are highly relevant discussions at FAI as the decision to migrate is often motivated by financial circumstances. (As Clemens notes in a recent blog post: “migration is one of many financial tools they juggle to smooth income and consumption.”)

Debates over migration policy are nothing new but are integral to understanding how remittances and payment systems shape development. Clemens also recently partnered with FAI’s Tim Ogden on a new framing note that discusses 12 research questions on the role of migration and remittances in household financial management - themes that are intertwined with the greater policy issues of Exodus. (For further information on remittances and payments in general, visit our Big Questions section on Payments and/or peruse relevant research publications by topic.)

We encourage you to join us in this discussion:  What are your thoughts on migration policy? How are remittances shaping global development and what are the key issues affecting these systems?  Let us know in the comments section below.