Vikram Akula's story in 140 characters or less

Yesterday we tweeted a chapter-by-chapter review of Vikram Akula's new bookA Fistful of Rice: My Unexpected Quest to End Poverty. In case you missed them onTwitter, here is the full review for you, tweet by tweet:

In his new book #vikramakula = Yunus version 2.0. Mantra: not earning profit is unethical. #SKS

Ch. 1: #vikramakula thumbs across US w/$20, finds morality and proves Nietzsche wrong. #SKS to follow.

Ch 2 #vikramakula as a development worker, learns how tough village life is and how tough-minded village women are.

Ch 2: New ideology, “putting the last first.” Development must be participatory! (Easier said than done)

Ch 3: Grameen initiation. #vikramakula emulates Yunus, vows to outperform him. Oedipus?

Ch 3: 1998. #SKS starts w/$52k from friends. Idea: commercialize! 1st: pull strings to avoid corruption.

Ch 4: 12/98: 165 members, 8 villages. Fighting thugs and biases. OK start, but how to get huge?

Ch 5: New idea: Standardize, exploit tech. Still, old-style problems: thugs, a fatwa, guerillas. #SKS

Ch 5: 2002, #vikramakula divorced, emotionally spent, in debt. Hello McKinsey, Chicago.

Ch 6: 2005 Rahul Gandhi visits #SKS. 120K borrowers.  Feeling big, but quests for bigger.

Ch 6: 2006 200K borrowers. Sits down w/Gates and Buffett. WSJ notices. VCs put in $11.5m. Big time! #SKS

Ch 6: #vikramakula: High profit is more ethical than nonprofit #microfinance. Yunus: Scroundrels!

Ch 7: Google territory. #SKS future: cross-marketing and aggregating buying power. Happy ending?

Fistful of Rice: Great story. Now waiting for the other side of it.